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Forbidden By Definition

East Middle School Auditorium
1001 Atkins St., Erie, PA in Erie County

February 28th, 2020 to February 29th, 2020

Category: Music.Symphony Events
The Details:

Forbidden by Definition is a multi-media, dance, music, theater production wherein Black Americans respond to the image of ourselves as presented by society, both historically and currently. Our response is formed by answering the question: how will we choose to define ourselves? Human experience is governed by the rules and use of language which is the basis of thought. Thought determines our picture of our universe. This picture shifts from tongue to tongue and we can only understand what we can define by our own language. When a people are defined by language that is not their own, when there are categories and titles bestowed upon and consequently adopted by them which they do not understand, then humanity, integrity and self-worth are threatened. Because they have been placed in this position, Black Americans need to create their own definitions in their own language. We specifically look to our black children and youth in this process redefining ourselves. We ask our black children to share their view of the world around them. What does it means to be young and Black in America? What obstacles do you face day to day? What do you consider to be art? Which TV programs influence you? What music is playing through your headphones? How do you choose to express yourself through the clothes you wear - the language you use? And, finally, does this expression define yourself as you wish to be defined? These responses will be expressed through the performance arts, including dance, theater, singing, and Stage and costume design. This community event is composed of collaborations between, the Booker T. Washington Center, Dafmark Dance Theater, East Middle School, Sovereign Ballet, Erie Dance Theater and other community artist.
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