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"NEW MEDIA ~ WEB SERIES" @ Suzanne Roberts Theatre

Suzanne Roberts Theatre
480 S. Broad Street, Philadelphia, PA in Philadelphia County

On March 29th, 2020 at 12:00am

Category: Film.Premiers
The Details:

"NEW MEDIA ~ WEB SERIES" 119 Minutes. Come take a peek at the latest season of one of qFLIX's favorite programs, the Web Series! ABDUCTION - Episode 1: Molly Directed by C Jason OHara, 2019, USA, 29 Minutes Following a series of gruesome alien abductions in Richmond, VA, a non-binary art dealer with a sixth sense must stop aliens from taking over earth and, in the process, embark on a personal journey to discover who they are and why they were chosen for this task. EXTRA ROOM - Episode 1 (Pilot) Directed by Gabriel Shanks, 2020, USA, 26 Minutes Two queer guys -- an aspiring novelist and an immigrant photographer -- struggle to keep their sweet but cozy Manhattan apartment. When the landlord doubles the rent, however, theres only one thing to do: turn the couch into a bed, advertise for a third roommate, and squeeze the square footage to fit! SORRY WE MISSED YOU - Episode 1: John Boswell Directed by Craig Bettendorf, 34 Minutes, USA, 2020 Every day people are born and every day people die. What were able to accomplish in our relatively short lives can have a profound effect on others and even on society and the world. These are the stories of some of those who contributed greatly and for whatever reason arent exactly front-of-mind in our collective consciousness. SADULOUS: Episodes 1 - 9 Directed by Alejandro Morales, 2019, USA, 30 Minutes Alejandro hasn't left his apartment in weeks, but the outside world keeps paying him visits. A repairman, a drug dealer, an overzealous personal trainer, a Grindr hookup, a friendly neighbor, a delivery guy, a hotline operator, and a couple of concerned friends join Alejandro in his shambolic apartment to help him live his best worst life. Alejandro Morales from SADULOUS will be in attendance. NO REFUNDS
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